Week 33 of Making Something Every Day

This week plus of work had a Dragoncon-sized intermission in the middle of it. I deliberately didn’t take any materials with me to Con to see what it would feel like to take a break. Answer: I missed the daily 20 minutes terribly. I couldn’t wait to get home to work. Best of all, I looked at Con this year through the lenses of 220+ days of creating. I saw so much good work! People being creative and playful and imaginative. I’ve been to Dragoncon for many years but this was yet another side of the Con I hadn’t seen before. It energized me to keep up my own work.

Day 221: Serenity ATC.
day 221
I like this one for the texture and the color but mostly because the background is a piece of packaging I reused because it had a cool pattern.

Day 222: Lost Ocean ATC.
day 222
If there is anything better than blue shellfish I don’t know what it is. This reminds me of the summer we went to Cape Cod and I found out there was such a thing as blue shellfish.

Day 222b: Beach Bum postcard.
day 222b
This one makes me giggle. I like the idea of a seagull being a beach bum.

Day 223: Experiments in candy making.
day 223
Stephen decided to cosplay Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad” this year at Dragoncon. We decided to make broken glass “meth” candy for him to hand out. Both the costume and the candy were a hit.

Day 224: Fly postcard.
day 224
Some of you have figured out by now that if you profess a love of a postcard when I post it, then you might end up seeing it in your mail. This one went to my friend Ellen who went to Nepal with me. She can’t go this year because of a schedule conflict and I am still nursing my hurt feelings over it.

Day 225: Make a Wish ATC.
day 225
Sometimes these pieces come together in such a way that when I look at the finished product I wonder who made that super cool thing. I think, “I like the style of that, it speaks to me.” This is one of those for me.

Day 226: When in doubt – wing it! ATC.
day 226
The “When in doubt – wing it!” clipping was supposed to be on the fly postcard. But in the process of cutting it from the larger sheet of paper, I dropped it and couldn’t find it in my basket of paper. I was so mad! But then I found it and used it with this kaleidoscope of butterflies. These things have a way of working themselves out.

Day 227: Ocean Dreams, in progress. I’ve been working on this one for about a week now. 8×10″ board.
day 227
It’s all about the beach and the butterflies with me.

Day 228: “Recognizing power in another does not diminish your own.” 3×5″ tag.
day 228
My friend Ally was involved in the writing (and filming) of a super cool Dragoncon video this year. I was thinking of you when I made this one, Ally!

Day 229: Ocean Dreams 8×10″ board. (Added a few hard to see details.) Finished.
day 229
I finished this one up this morning and was thinking I wasn’t as happy with it as I should be. But the fans love it on the Facebooks so that makes me happy.