Week 38 of Making Something Every Day

Day 258: Morning meditation on Hope, Peace, and Love. One to go.
day 258

Day 258b: It’s a good day! I’m finished!
day 258b

Day 259: Working in my tiny art journal again feels good.
day 259

Day 260: Faith, Hope and Love.
day 260

Day 261: Watching the paint dry on the cover of my mini Smash Book. Gonna use it as my journal in Nepal.
day 261

Day 262: Beginning assembly of the granny square blankie.
day 262

Day 263: Outermost squares are tied on, not sewed to the middle yet. This is how much I’ve done since last night.
day 263

Day 264: Race to the end! I’ve got 10 squares to make and I’ll have all the squares for the boarder.
Day 264