Week 39 of Making Something Every Day

This week has been a crochet heavy week and I’m sorry about that since the challenge has been primarily about paper and paint. I’ve been working against some pre-Nepal trip deadlines so I’ve been using a lot of time crocheting to get things done before I go and in preparation of teaching the ladies in Nepal. I promise to get back to the paper and paint soon! Or, you know, more like in December.

Day 265: progress report.
day 265

Day 266: Weaving in end threads.
day 266

Day 267: Working on my travel journal.
day 267

Day 268: While working on the edging for the blankie, Anwyn has decided she likes it very much.
day 268

Day 269: Starting the last row of a crochet project I’ve worked on longer than any previous crochet project.
day 269

Day 270: I’m finished! I’m finished!
day 270

Days 271 & 272: Nepal project prep.
Day 271 & 272

Thoughts on this week:
I have 100 days left on this challenge. Becky asked me this week if I’d do it again next year. When I answered I didn’t know, she and Stephen both encouraged me to continue. I still don’t know. I’m wondering if I should do it again but change it somehow. Of course, there’s something to be said for don’t fix what isn’t broken. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

I’ll be traveling (you might have heard something about a trip to Nepal) in November. Not sure how much daily work I’ll be doing during that time or during Thanksgiving week. Either way, that extends the last leg of the challenge well into the new year. Still processing what I think about that. If it matters or not about whether I do it again next year.

I do know it has been an incredibly fulfilling and fun year. I’ve got so many memories wrapped up in these daily pieces of art. An unexpected bonus to what started out as training exercise. I can say I appreciate all of your encouragement and comments on the stuff I’ve made. Art is so personal and subjective. So I am especially appreciative of all of the positive things people have said.