Progress Report #2 on The Fortunate Traveler

I hadn’t posted in a while about working on this cross-stitch piece. I didn’t work much during the time I was sick. I did get some done (mostly the purple dude) over Thanksgiving and I should have snapped a photo then, but I forgot.

Here’s the last time I took a photo.

Here’s this evening after I finished a large chunk of the beastie’s wing. The blue in his wing is so yummy that I could totally lick it. And, no that’s not a pregnancy thing.


3 thoughts on “Progress Report #2 on The Fortunate Traveler

  1. I don’t know. I’m don’t feel the urge to lick thread in ‘yummy’ looking colors 😉 But you never know. Misty is a couple weeks ahead of me. Maybe I just haven’t gotten to that point yet 😉

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