Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 4

The subtitle for this post should be: “Books under the bed: Now with more dust!” or maybe, “Books so dusty even Ray Granade won’t touch them!” or maybe, “Why the crap do we have books under the bed!!?!?” or my personal favorite, “We’re saving that, Why?”

Why yes, in case you were wondering, books do get incredibly dusty when they are shoved under a bed for 5 years. If you have some stashed under your bed, I recommend not going under there without hazmat gear. Stephen had the job of raking them out from under the guest bed and I think he has allergy trauma now. I am covered in dust and it’s actually bothering me a bit, it must be my super tingly pregnancy sense of smell.

But it’s hard to complain with so many books going out of the house. 43 are going to The Booklegger (our local used book store) after Christmas. 12 are going back home to their rightful owners. And a sad two got trashed for all time. This sense of accomplishment accompanying getting rid of books totally satisfies the nesting instinct, just in case you were wondering.

I think the living room can be finished in one session, with someone manning the ladder to get the high bookshelves. I really thought we’d break 1,000 but there’s no way there are 300+ books in the living room. Geof, your overall total may be pretty close to being correct.

  • 678 total books scanned.
  • 164 books scanned today.
  • Stephen’s count: 393 total.
  • My count: 139 total.
  • Eli’s count: 146 total. Yes, my kid has more books than me. For NOW.
  • Discards: A record 28! Mostly from under the bed in the guest room.
  • Discard total: 43. Don’t shoot us, John!
  • Trashed: 2 books. They were falling apart.
  • Bibles counted but not scanned: 20. Most of them are mine, I’m obsessed with translations.
  • Rooms finished: Kitchen, Eli’s room, master bedroom, guest room (finally!).
  • Borrowed Books Found: Ashley: 2, Geof: 1, Alana: 1, Stephen’s Parents: 3, my Mom: 5. The ones that live in AR are all going back for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!
  • Books checked out: 1 to Joy. I know we have others loaned out but we can’t check them out until people return them for us to scan. Hint, Hint.
  • Other things found under the guest bed: two “Dance, Dance Revolution” pads for Playstation 2, 12 yearbooks, two wedding photo albums, and six copies of Rolling Stone magazine (mostly with U2 on the cover).

Update: Sometime in the night I remembered that there is a plastic tub of books in the guest room closet. Oh, well, we’ll get the guest room finished eventually.

8 thoughts on “Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 4

  1. I like to imagine that as you scan in these books, you are also filling out a field that tells you where they are, and that you now have several with the location ‘under the bed in the guest room’. This makes me smile.

  2. I tell ya what… I’ll bring Girl Meets God with me to the Coast. Maybe I’ll finish it there. 🙂 I think Rick wants to read it too. I really did not mean to keep it so long….

  3. Lucian, there is a comment field called “location in building” and the entry is “guest room, under bed”. There are 105 books with that label.

  4. You have a book of mine?

    Anyhow, knowing how sneezy you were getting with just the shelved books last week, I can only imagine how bad it was with dustbunny-buddy books. :sneeze:

  5. There is no such thing as “books so dusty even Ray Granade won’t touch them!”! I may wash my hands later, but neither a little nor a lot has deterred me from picking one up–particularly one that looks interesting! (OK, OK–ANY book!) Not even mold stops me–gives me pause, perhaps, but doesn’t stop me.

  6. We have “Me Talk Pretty One Day” which Sean’s reading right now. We’ll return it when you guys come out in January.

  7. Hi, I’m one of the *other* Ray Granades. My wife Kim and I live in (and I grew up in) Mobile. Came across this post (I honestly don’t even recall what I was looking for, after wandering around your interesting and amusing site for a while) and just had to comment about books.
    Boy, do we have books. In every room of the house; bookcases, boxes of them, stacks of them in dark corners, out in the workshop, up in the attic. But the really common point is under the bed. My bedtime ritual is stretching out for an hour and reading whatever I take a fancy to at the moment. So I have a library under there. Science, history, arts, travel, a little fiction and so forth. I can attest to the fact that things under a bed do get dusty, even though (with “encouragement” from Kim) I clean everything out and start over now and then. Pretty much the same with my brother Parker.
    Maybe a geneticist would be interested in this.
    Great blog. Best wishes from LA.
    Ray & Kim

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