our sponsors

today is brought to you by the phoenemes b and ph. i’ll be glad when i can turn these into actual words instead of just stringing the sounds together and occasionally spitting out food while i do it.

3 thoughts on “our sponsors

  1. Eli, buddy, don’t worry about ever talking … if you can write like this at your age, you’ll be fine. You could be a mute and no one would know that you’re trying to take over the world. 😉


  2. but i like making sounds, and i think that talking would be even more fun. you have a good point though and it makes me feel better about things.

  3. Oh, I personally can’t WAIT for you to talk, Eli. You will say funny, funny things about your parents, and I will have it on tape and put it on the Internet and generally make fools out of them. It will be wiggin’ metal sweet, my little friend.


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