bad food and being sick

yesterday was not very good there at the end. for one thing bg has this jar of mixed vegetable stuff he keeps trying to feed me. he’s been feeding it to me for like three days. i make faces to let him know i don’t like it and eventually stop eating. but then next mealtime there it is again. tonight he was even doing this thing where he’d give me yummy bites of sweet potatoes and then sneak in a spoon full of mixed vegetables. so i blew some of them out at him.

mainly i was out of sorts because i was running a fever. i didn’t find this out until right after i went to bed. i woke up and was spitting up a bunch and then felt really bad so mj and bg took my temperature and it was a fever. but the fever is pretty much gone today and i feel a lot better thanks. the whole thing has left me pretty tired though.

5 thoughts on “bad food and being sick

  1. Aw. 🙁 I’m glad you’re feeling better today though!

    And I think that parents shouldn’t make you eat stuff that you don’t like! 😉

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