Friday Night Videos: I Used to Have Adult Fans

Dan Zanes and Friends: Jump Up (2007)

Hey, remember The Del Fuegos? “Don’t Run Wild”? “I Still Want You?” Yeah, them. Their frontman, Dan Zanes, does kids’ music now, and it’s on heavy rotation on the Disney Channel. Anyway, this video is fun and all, but it’s more fun to invent a story to go with it. “Hey, I was just out walking my upright bass and heard you guys playing. He loves to join in impromptu street performances!”

They Might Be Giants: Flying V (2005)

Goodness knows They Might Be Giants’ songs, with their loopy wordplay and odd instrumentation, work well for kids. Eli’s a big fan of “Particle Man,” for instance. But their songs aimed at kids are even better, as this example from their alphabet-propaganda album “Here Come the ABCs” shows.

Hey, let’s have some bonus videos!

Zelda Zii, a live-action recreation of Nintendo’s venerable videogame series. Sadly they countersink a number of the jokes, but the fight scenes are fun. And time on YouTube has made me appreciate people who edit their short films intelligently.

Since I didn’t do a bonus video last week, let me make up for it this week by giving you all three Die Hard movies (plus the upcoming one!) turned into a rock song by Guyz Nite. In the future, instead of watching the actual movies, people will just watch this video. Be warned: cursing, gunplay, and totally awesome explosions abound.

This reminds me that I have yet to explain why the original Die Hard is such a well-constructed action movie.

7 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: I Used to Have Adult Fans

  1. I was thinking, the other day, of posting to ask.metafilter about movies that are almost universally popular, both among movie snobs and totally regular folk. I was going to ask for other suggestions besides the ones that I could think of:

    Die Hard (was at the top of my list)
    When Harry Met Sally
    The Shawshank Redemption

    Dan added “Pulp Fiction,” but part of the definition for me is that these are movies that, if you catch them on Saturday afternoon TV, you are compelled to keep watching, no matter how often you’ve seen them. I can’t imagine Pulp Fiction really doing well on network TV.

    There’s some kind of combination of smart, funny (but not necessarily comedic) and well-paced that seems really hard to nail. In fact I can’t think of any movies that qualify from the last 5 years or more.

  2. For me, The Princess Bride and (when USA used to show it all the time) The Empire Strikes Back are in that category.

    There are two modern movies that fit the bill, but due to who owns them, they won’t be showing up on Saturday afternoon TV: Finding Nemo and The Incredibles. A few weeks ago we were at a party, and the host kindly put on Finding Nemo for Eli. By halfway through all of the adults had stopped talking much and were watching the movie.

  3. Dan Zanes is also on Noggin quite a bit during their preschool lineup. I’ve seen some of the TMBG songs during Playhouse Disney, but we don’t really watch that any more. We just try to catch Steve in Blue’s Clues before having to rush off the school and work. Loved the Die Hard video. I’ve only seen the first one… I may need to rent the other two at some point.

  4. I might just have to second ‘The Princess Bride’, those of you who know me pretty much say ‘duh’.

    I would put ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ in that category of compelling movies I can’t stop watching.

  5. TMBG has a deal with Disney. They also wrote the theme songs for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Higglytown Heroes. They also have a deal with SONY Wonder which is the children’s division of Sony.

    I have “Here come the ABC’S” CD and I love it. Kids with Autism like it too.


  6. Much after the discussion but I wanted to remember and here seemed as good a place as any: Legally Blonde.

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