Our New Birth Plan

Misty and I had dinner last night with Jon and Chrissie, some friends of ours since our time at Duke. Over Indian food we discussed Liza’s imminent birth and the whole concept of birth plans. Misty and I haven’t really put together a birth plan — we’re lazy, and it’s too much like work. But after our conversation, we’ve come up with one.

We’re going to give birth with dolphins.

6 thoughts on “Our New Birth Plan

  1. Our daughter was the only one that was “planned” Our son was kind of last-minute. We left right from the birthing class we were in to head to the hospital.

  2. Cool!! I would totally include dolphins in my birth plan if I could.
    Do you think the hospital would fly one in for me 😉

    I think this warrants further investigation for any future children. I could totally go to Hawai 🙂

  3. Jon mentioned that the closest thing to dolphins here in town would be the giant catfish in Big Spring park. I know how much help they would be:).

  4. Oh my. 🙂 The new-agey nonsense is so deep on that page I had to get my waders out.

    A lot of the services on their list actually sound like legitimately helpful things, but stuff like the first paragraph…

    Dolphins are not only masterful midwives, but they are elegant programmers of our cellular blueprint for physiological, psychological and spiritual well being through their use of high frequency sonar to transmit and embody to humans states of pure joy, love and wisdom.

    Oh, THAT’s what dolphin sonar is for! Bwah?!?

    That, and it looks like all they’re really saying is that they’ll play some dolphin sounds while you swim. 🙂

  5. Oh, wait. Looks like maybe, just maybe I was wrong about that last part. There might actually be real dolphins involved. 🙂

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